Frugal Profile

It’s your consideration taken first when asked for my opinions. Believe me when I tell you I do have my own opinions but learned our decisions always work better together.

I offer you my coat to help keep you covered but never smothered. I’m a faithful companion and easily compliment those that are important to me. I also keep candy corn in my pockets for dollar movie night.

I communicate with silent smiles, shrugs or frowns when it’s more important to chew gum silently. If we were to be separated in a social setting we’ll have developed a system of saving signals like waving our hands frantically high above our heads so as not to alarm those we are talking to.

I really prefer to being a social mole but I do have a stash of iridescent wings and strap on stingers for the occasional get together. Oh, my wings are small solar panels. They will flash and flicker even with the wrist looped flashlight I gave you and that way you can find me if there’s a black out and you hear me giggling but only use it if I ask to be rescued  (I also keep a keysteered replacement battery and bulb {just in case}).

If you enjoy a two man tent, Fishing poles, tackle and fire side cuddling because that way during fishing season we’ll be golden. I will go hiking and camping when we can’t fish, but if we had a koi pond in the backyard I’d walk around the block instead.

Frugal budgets are important these daze. I thought I found a way to reuse pop corn bags and old curlers. I learned the hard way that the foam insert can catch on fire in the microwave. You already know about staples and plastic barrettes too I’m pretty sure. I finally found a pot at a yard sale for $15.00 with no lid.  I know, not very efishent or frugal. Sigh…

I follow written instructions really well if you ever need for me to check on your cat and plants. When I do read instructions I read them aloud because it helps me to remember them. Just remember to punctuate because I can get light headed.

BTW, I tried to read my profile over phone to my mom and when I started to pass out my friend took my profile picture. Don’t mind the helmet, I wear it whenever I read…. Just in case.

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