Why I hate this picture (and so should you)




Johnny Cash is, without a doubt, one of the best singer-songwriters of our times. He sung simple songs of love, redemption and faith. He sung humourous tunes of life. He sung of heartache, famine, toil and hardship. He sung of his faith in the Lord, his love for Jesus and his hope of eternal life.

Without a doubt, Cash’s life was, at times, marred with abuse from alcohol and drug use. There was no doubt that he struggled with addiction, being out of control, being angry. But that was not his message. That wasn’t his legacy.

Of the 70 or so albums he released over 60-ish years, 11 of them were gospel albums. He released a number of live albums recorded in prisons (who could forget the epic ‘At Folsom Prison’ and ‘At San Quenten’?). He travelled to Israel a number of times and publically declares his love for the…

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