You Too?

Where does the broken heart go?
Somewhere hiding in the depths below
Living as a mere vacant shadow
Adhered to the floor and baseboards solo

Spine backed into the crevice of a corner
Slouched over, head in knees, like a mourner
No longer them self, once considered a charmer
Alone again in anguish, conquered

Wait; there’s another teary eye to cling to
”I know I can make it much better for you”
”Let me hold your hand to get you through”
Where a broken heart heads to, in lieu

© 2011 Michael Yost


36 responses to “You Too?

  1. everything in life appears in your knowing,

    keep writing, love it.


  2. Where a broken heart heads to, in lieu… clever phrase, and the perfect expression of a rebound. Hey, we all have them over the years…

    The broken heart simply goes on, right? Nicely done, Michael. Amy


  3. I think this one is my favorite from whatever I’ve read from you! I love the emotions and the question most of all- Where does the broken heart go? How many times I’ve wondered about it …


  4. I particularly love the first stanza…


  5. I really like the way this is written. The images are wonderful, especially the description of the broken heart along the floor and in the corner. Very vivid and apt description of the way it feels.


  6. Excellent description of reaching out to someone after someone else has broken your heart; a rebound. Well done.


  7. this poem is lyrical for a song. It actually has rap appeal. I don’t know if you feel flattered by that. But some rap is awesome. and I feel this one.
    I like it alot.. thanks michael


  8. For a good writer (which you are), everthing in life is grist for the mill. Sad, but lovely the way you’ve written this.


  9. “Spine backed into the crevice of a corner”. Powerful and expresses so eloquently the feeling of despair.


  10. beautiful.



  11. From first line to the last, simply loved it….


  12. Beautifully done.


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  14. And thank you. Somehow, your poem seemed to echo some of the sentiments I was writing about today. This is the first time I’ve used that pingback “thingy”. I’m glad it was you. 🙂


  15. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww how sweet is that!!!! uhm are you one of the profitteers thoguh/ THAT is the question 😛 lol
    cool one Boo, love it 🙂


  16. Excellent poem the ending really touched me =)


  17. Wistful and melancholy with a hint of hope. I loved it. 🙂


  18. Back again from Bodhirose’s link to see which one she was referring to. Such a poignant and authentic piece. We are getting close to this, eh? Such is life …

    Have a fine day, Michael. Hope you are staying cool there …



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