Finding what you Already Knew

The elusive line fails and slips through the net
The failure appears to be at the writer’s regret
Perfection comes when the fingers are left to fly
Instead of writing one line and then waiting for the sky

So let go your fingers and the verse will appear
Galloping through the trail of your warm tears
Not stopping to take the time to back up and read
Push on towards ending on your golden steed

The treasure awaits and you draw ever near
Wait don’t pull up short you’re nearly facing your fears
Softly approaching your mind never clearer
You smile whispering to yourself standing in front of the mirror

Β© 2011 Michael Yost



33 responses to “Finding what you Already Knew

  1. The last stanza is so full to the brim with meaning. This poem, overall, is uplifting and unconventionally powerful. Thanks for sharing this.

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  2. Your rhythm and rhyming is stupendous. Wonderful poem and thank you so much for visiting me =)


  3. amazing write.



  4. great poem. very meaningful and such a truth


  5. It’s all there within if we but get out of the way and allow it to flow. : ) Wonderful..


  6. Jaan Pehchaan

    A little bit of Wild West to overcome the Writer’s Block!


  7. I like this, although it doesn’t always work for me (sometimes the meticulously perfectionistic approach actually improves my poetry πŸ˜‰ But I love the last line–great imagery and rhythm!


    • I’m venturing into the non tapping world of poetry. Go back and see my earlier work.


      • I’m not sure what the tapping world of poetry is or isn’t. πŸ˜› Your earlier works seem more like stream of consciousness, though. You’ve definitely improved!


      • “Dissolving Fears” is what I call a tapping poem. This one has 10 taps or syllables per line. I could use words like foot or meter, but this is easier for me to explain what I mean. The newer poems aren’t restricted to this format for the time being. Hope that clarifies my meaning.


  8. Here, among other aspects, I read this: a poem is like a mirror of what is in your mind, but the image reflecting is never clear. That’s how I read the two last lines. How was I as a reader?


  9. You put rhyme, meaning, and feeling into each post. Well done.


  10. Perfection comes when the fingers are left to fly
    Instead of writing one line and then waiting for the sky

    …wow…these lines should be a slogan for a t-shirt…truer words were never written. Inspiring piece.


  11. Ok, I understand. And yes, iambic pentameter can be incredibly restricting–I understand your sentiments more now, thanks πŸ™‚


  12. Nice, very nice!


  13. Echoes so many similar sentiments, Dylan’s “Don’t Look Back”, Kerouac writing On The Road on a roll of paper fed into the typewriter so he could keep going and never have to change paper. Brilliant message!


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