Silent Partner

The feelings are real and unspoken true
Fearing what I do have, will be lost too
Words aren’t important as showing is
I’ll let the angels sing the choruses

Your last love abused before I knew you
Causing you caution I understand too
Standing over here not too far away
To fill whatever role I need to play

© 2011 Michael Yost



33 responses to “Silent Partner

  1. “I’ll let the angels sing the choruses…” Lovely thought, even if you don’t celebrate Easter! This was a wonderful take on the Angel prompt, and I liked it a lot. Thanks, Michael, Amy


  2. “Words aren’t important as showing is”
    Someone I love and hate said something just like this.
    great poem.


  3. wow! how sweet! a rare find, someone willing to work through past demons, totally sweet!


  4. We al spend much time and effort on love and hate don’t we. Well expressed.


  5. We do carry past relationships into present ones, and fear is so hard to escape. Nicely expressed, Michael.


  6. bless your heart.

    good luck on everything, you deserve happiness,



  7. Hurrah for sensitive men. Who write poetry no less.


  8. To wish upon a star, shining bright, sharing, showing, lending a tender touch.


  9. Oh! What a wonderful write. I think a lot of people can relate to this, although I have to say it’s rare to find someone so open-minded. You must truly care about the other person to be so selfless.


  10. Nice poem, a smooth read with a sensative side. Thanks for sharing, really enjoyed the meaning and thoughts here.


  11. Sad when we can’t go with the flow of love. The present always suffer because of the past — if we take the ghost with us. Great write as usual 🙂


  12. You had me with this one Mike!

    I wish I had someone saying this to me.. I am cautioned- almost alarmed forever! Very beautifully expressed.. 🙂

    Hugs x


  13. Heartfelt and very sweet– nicely done.


  14. Angels singing the choruses for you is adds a poignant touch here. Well done, Michael. Happy Poetry Potluck!


  15. ‘real and unspoken true’ is an enchanting phrase. I stopped for a moment at: Words aren’t important as showing is, as well. A line that could draw out so many different emotions in the readers. Happy Potluck.


  16. How very respectful and kind of you to “stand over here” and not invade the space that may be needed.


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