Set The Table For Two (Japan Tsunami)

Broken Table

Set the table for two
Hope for the presents of you
Plate’s color is blue

Set the table for one
Now that the funeral’s done
Company is none

Set the table aside
She no longer abides
Taken with the tide

Table now cast away
Looks like tear drop soup today
At any place cafe

Β© 2011 Michael Yost


38 responses to “Set The Table For Two (Japan Tsunami)

  1. Love what you did here, Michael–so sad that “tear drop soup.”


  2. very smart one…
    well done.

    come on in and share…


  3. Michael, this really moved me. The passage of time, the implication of the table setting, and the sad cafe… lovely and so sad. Amy


  4. tear drop soup,
    how sad.

    lovely delivery, A++


  5. this has emotions running through it like the ebb and flow of a river…powerful,swift and all consuming. Beautiful


  6. powerful and bittersweet as well … thank you for visiting and leaving a “crumb” to yours … πŸ™‚ becca


  7. This is great.


  8. Touching. Tear drop soup is the order of the day instead of shark’s fin.
    I am in awe how your mind worked on this. Love it πŸ™‚


  9. this is beautiful booguloo.. how you use the table to convey the story.. i like this! here’s my potluck


  10. a lovely rhyme to this deep poem.. I liked it, and the story behind the poem too, which I read in one of your replies.. admirable!

    Here’s My Potluck


  11. Left me with a sweet sadness. Beautiful, thanks! hugs, pat


  12. oooo ! gr8! written wonderfully … I could feel that feeling…


  13. This is so powerful just the simple act of setting a table a different number of places is heartbreaking


  14. Incredible form and the story was fantastically sad – I enjoyed the piece immensely


  15. so poignant and sad.


  16. Very nice writing, Michael. I’ll share some teardrop soup with y’all.


  17. Martin Lochner

    ENjoyed this poem simple but profound elegance!


  18. Nice one, Michael. I could have seen the picture without the picture. Well done!


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