Pot O Gold

Emails I receive from ladies afar
Promising a future in the stars
Would it be true I find bizarre
You would have to send money
Fly me across the sea
For you to see me
Then I’d believe
Love for

Pot O Gold

© 2011 Michael Yost



15 responses to “Pot O Gold

  1. Ha! you got a good sense of humor:)


  2. This made me smile…thank you. (^_^)


  3. Awesome! I’ve been there, that whole online dating thing…and this portrayal is pretty accurate. It’s easy to express love online….harder to show the hard cash of reality.

    On the other side, however, love can span oceans…regardless, I’d like to tap in to that pot of gold (not to fly you over you understand 😀 ) but to have a good old holiday and not have to worry about money for once! lol xx


    • On line dating has worked on occasions. This ditty is referring to these ladies that out of the blue send you these Notes of, I seen your profile on MYSpace (caught them right there in a lie) and want to get to know you.. here’s my email.. etc.. They’re really looking for a cash cow.


      • Ah – the “cash-sucking-cow-type”…sorry, but I just wanted to play on those words that you used! lol You don’t have to post that! lol Yup, I don’t understand that whole contacting total strangers out of the blue – it smacks of desperation huh?


      • Desperation or an act of a sinister person.


  4. Back away slowly and RUN!


  5. My heart goes out to them too. But what kind of person lets themselves get entrapped in that kind of scene–don’t we all know better by now? Maybe you don’t know better yet if you’re really lonely though…


  6. I did didn’t I…


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