Invisible Divisible

The feelings in my heart are invisible
The words in my mind can not be seen
Empty bottles could not redeem
Sense of my unspoken dreams
Clearly you can not see
Hidden love for thee
My heart stays bound
Not to be




© 2011 Michael Yost


17 responses to “Invisible Divisible

  1. Oh, to be invisible.


  2. What sadness there is to have that hidden love never to be found. Can he/she be that insensitive? Perhaps if you wore a different makeup?


  3. lovely 🙂
    I believe in SAYING it though…

    Dropping by from SS!


  4. I really like this! There’s such a sadness about it, and I love the imagery of the empty bottles.


    • Thanks for the comments..Sadness is better on paper (monitors).. than left to fester alone in the heart. OK poetics aside, glad you stopped by.. open 24 hours a day.. ..smiles..


  5. Liked it, sometimes one really wants to be invisible 🙂


  6. Loved this! It stirred a few emotions. Thanks for stopping by to read me!


  7. Invisible love. Unrequited? Sometimes it’s better that way. I admire your poem; I love the way it seems to flow out of you, like it was water.

    Well done!

    And thank you for stopping by!


  8. So sad. Just the right pace and the right length to transmit the mood of it. Very fine work here.


  9. I love the brevity of this poem yet in it’s brief simplicity it still if profound
    ‘unspoken dreams’ i so relat eto that line.

    Thanks booguloo
    L& L


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