Senryu One

Flower Mouth

Relish fantasy

Muse where images pulsate

Drawing off moisture

©2011 Michael Yost


15 responses to “Senryu One

  1. Sensual. I like.


  2. the image is great…love those kind of pics…enjoyed the verse as well…the drawing off of moisture in particular


  3. ‘…images pulsate
    Drawing of moisture’
    is beautiful
    very beautiful
    the mind races.

    thank you for sharing
    making the mind move.


    and and, thank you so very much for your comment on all ways word.
    i love it.


  4. Beautiful haiku just like the picture..
    “Muse where images pulsate”..I love this line 🙂


  5. sweet words – and just perfect with the pic..lovely


  6. Sensual haiku delight; light and airy like the photo -an ethereal world created through the poetic imagination.



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