From the bottom of my lungs
To the tip of my tongue,
It’s been done,
It’s been sung,
It’s been spun,
It’s just so much dung!
Should have been shunned
No… Slung,
Then flung,
Being swung,
From the top rung,
And finally hung!
But your big brother ate his carrots.

© 2010-2011 Michael Yost


5 responses to “Prodding

  1. Clever rhyming, fun poem, Michael.


  2. This is probably my favorite of the new poems — I love how light-hearted and fun it is, yet how it expresses the frustration and angst a person (I read writer) feels. It’s really well done. I absolutely love it up till the “eating carrots” part (which is an amazing line!) The last three lines I don’t feel live up to the rest of the poem. Honestly, I think you could just end on the high note of the ‘brother/carrots’ line. It’s that strong.


  3. when U get rich and famous – remember me brother!!! very clever stuff – makes me think – sometimes too much – then I gotta read it again –
    anyway – good shit mike!!!


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