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Poems should be sad
with no happy ending;
dark, moving straight forward
deep into the soul
where pain hides,
where truth lies
there they must enter,
twist and turn,
nestle, build a home
and never get out.

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Would like to know how you feel?

I’m considering leaving the internet, companies are trying to take over by giving themselves the higher speeds and giving us their consumers the lower speed. Viruses, Pornographic emails of beautiful women that all want to get together for some fun, and on more than one occasion my card has been triple charged in europe for top rated software makers, Now we have a new internet advertising company that has ad placements anywhere they want and it’s virtually impossible to get them off your computer. If you have the legal for now company in your system they’ll place a few words “netocoupon” advertising click on here to erase the ad (that hasn’t been filled yet). Java has 4 companies hitchhiking that won’t give the updates unless you allow them to be installed on your computer. Again netocoupon trying to infiltrate and change you home address and install trovi(sp) as your search engine. I’m not going to make a rash decision and I’m going to think more about it. Anybody else seeing the subtle changes going on? Let me know what you think. I’m also going to post it on my blog, Michael’s Lair… which they also have those ad pop ups on. After logging on right now to add this new post, they wanted me to fill out a 4 question survey and give me a crackerjack prize for 5 dollar shipping fee.

What About Tomorrow

Where did her facets go that held his heart
We had hoped that they’d never be apart
Exposed to cold’s hold with white snow blowing
Then to see his opened wound with blood spilling

See his blood dripping down his left shoulder
Wounds like that some men never recover
Everyone who’s anyone knows what he could be
Of course his heart is held by the words of He

Your love can leave at a moment notice
Whistling Dock of the Bay with Otis
Singing Walk on By with Dionne Warwick
Or You’ve Got a Friend holding a carrot
© 2014 Michael Yost 07/11

“I practice turning people into trees.” Ram Dass

“I practice turning people into trees.” Ram Dass.

It’s Always a Gamble

It’s Always a Gamble.

It’s Always a Gamble

What does the hapless old fool do holding two pair
Bluffing only himself feeling the cold stares
Watching the full boat rowing up the river
Gathering two by two plus one with the shivers

It’s his turn to bet looking through his rivals eyes
Looking to find his “tell” he shows when he lies
Both having it on the line they’re hardened like steel
When one of them wins the church bells will peal

Pushing all his chips forward the pot almost doubles
With winning this hand it’ll clear up his troubles
All in, he spoke quietly, relaxed and certain
Lights dimming, audience cursing, All in all It’s still last curtain

(off in the distance) Dong, Dong, Dong

© 2014 Michael Yost 07/03

The Dream


A must see and read. A great looking blog that shows a lot of imagination.

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The Dream
“Don’t do it, don’t do it!” I shouted to this tall mystifying figure of a man standing on the edge of a towering building. He stood there silent with his back facing me, refusing to identify his self and speak of what he was contemplating. My efforts of trying to get him off the edge proved futile as he did not respond positively to the sounds of my footsteps getting closer to him. I had to discontinue my advancements, I noticed the closer I got to him, the closer he got to the perimeter. Lots of thoughts went through my mind; suddenly I was interrupted from my forecasting state of mind, by the most shocking thing ever, my own voice.

The mystical figure then turned to me saying “Mitchel it’s over.”

I stood there dazed, I couldn’t believe what I just saw, the person was me. Then making…

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