Most Times Not So


Some times it hurts, but most times not so
The archers waited stringing their bows
King James had his doubts but he had to know
Did her serf sneak into her bed or her dead beau

(C)2014 Michael Yost 10/23

First Death

I would have loved growing old with you

Measured by each other’s smiles

We had our share of the bad trials too

Nothing too far going smile by mile


Hills crashing down on one another

Into the white foam of baby’s breathe

Looking down into her white casket

Never guessed that it was her first death


2014 Michael Yost 9/29

Step Two

Step into the New Image that You Created

You’re not set in stone or dead set fated

@ 2014 Michael Yost 09/22

To His cloak I cling

Originally posted 05/05/2011

To His cloak I cling

Leave this Haven now, you are not exempt
Cannot you hear sir, my brazen contempt?
You can afford it, so you should pay heed
Get on your fast horse, and go with great speed

My life’s not my own, some wish it to be
In the king’s castle, his grand majesty
I promised my life, to the King of kings
Nothing you can do, to His cloak I cling

© 2011 Michael Yost

Originally posted 05/05/2011

Senryu 41

Words lost on my tongue
Passion drained from my being
Death didn’t leave a song

© 2011 Michael Yost 08/28

Ancient Civilization


Alex has the eye of an artist

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Haiku 16 and 17

Haiku 16

Unless we want change
What we are now we will be
Watch the bent sapling

© 2012 Michael Yost 03/08


Haiku 17

Koala smiles bright
Abstract vision delight
Winter’s nose a sight

© 2012 Michael Yost 01/30